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Our Story

Hey! We're Emily and Brad, the newly engaged team behind Prop Options. We have two daughters Olivia and Mila and juggle business and babies like spinning plates, along with the highs and lows that come with it.


Prop Options is a UK brand which make luxury cakes stands, serving boards and event props - the options are endless! We are real people working hard to provide you with an exceptional experience and adore to see our creations, having been lovingly hand made, in action ! We're always excited to learn about you and your vision in order to make something beautiful together and are always happy to chat, so please drop us an email or pick up the phone, you will always speak with us directly (mostly me, Emily).


The journey of us both quitting our day jobs and working together from home started after Mila's first birthday cake smash, (here's the video in case you were wondering) Karen, the photographer explained to Brad, a skilled carpenter there was a real struggle to source strong cake stands suitable for children's photography. I advertised the stands which quickly grew into shipping bespoke colours and sizes worldwide after the talented cake making/ wedding industry caught on, we've learnt more about cake than we ever thought possible we still can't believe we get to call this our jobs!


We really hope you like what we do as much as we enjoy making it.