The Story Behind The Castle In The Clouds With Cakes Couture

It's the floating masterpiece that took the internet by storm! Haleema joins us to provide an insight into the inspiration and creation of her famous Castle in the Clouds cake.

Haleema AKA Cakes Couture

Hello! My name is Haleema, otherwise known as Cakes Couture. I started baking from as early as I can remember, and with push from peers and family my business then started at the age of 14. Over the last 10 years my business has flourished and I have taken different avenues in the cake design industry, which brings us to where we are today.

My confidence has grown massively and I feel this is my forte in cake artistry. I have been able to trail methods in order to find what suits to me, which in turn has elevated my business to many levels globally. Now let’s get onto what everyone is most eagerly waiting for… “The castle in the clouds cake”.

The Castle In The Clouds Cake

A cake of every girls dreams. I have continually challenged myself when my clients give me free rein on cake designs. When my regular customer approached me with her brief and said she wanted a cake for he twins birthday, being a castle/princess girly cake, I knew I had to make something amazing.

This time round I was picking my brain at what could I do to make it a wow factor? Something that is worth clicking if it was on the explore page. Therefore, I started sifting through Google at what was already out there on princess/castle cakes to get some inspo. One design struck out to me more than any others, one that had been laying in my camera roll for a while. A 3 tier cake with a castle on top with many florals surrounding it.

At that moment I had a brain wave of ideas, what would be better than making this cake but changing it to a floating castle but in clouds? So this is when I started sketching the floating castle.

Previously I had used cotton in my designs to create a cloud effects, so when sketching I thought yes I’ve never seen anything like it with the same concept of clouds. When showing my family and friends what I wanted to recreate their words were “you’re going to blow up” …“this will get millions” …“how has anyone never done that before”. It was so enjoyable watching the cake come together and knowing this may be my best cake yet.

Using The Floating Tier Side Bar

The floating Side Bar produced by Prop Options has opened up so many amazing opportunities for my cakes. In this case it helped elevate the castle and was so simple to use. When looking at the cake it gives an extremely seamless look. It is very sturdy which can we used by anyone. It may look scary to use, however once you get started it’s a breeze. Attaching the cotton to the Side Bar was very straightforward by using a glue gun to keep it in place.

There are countless ideas and creations that can be bought to life with this simple prop. The post is currently on 9.3 million and has gained its recognition by the public as “The castle in the clouds”, the cake has been recognised by many celebrities across the globe. Thank you Prop Options for having the most simple and easy to use props.

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